Best Haunted Houses in America

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The best haunted houses in America find favoritism in those who are passionate about paranormal activities and seek thrill in their lives . These houses boast of genuine accounts from real people who had personally experienced ghost sightings and other supernatural phenomena in the said places. The creepy things happening inside these houses are believed to be made by tormented spirits or by the ghosts of their previous owners who don’t want to leave.

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Listed below are some of those considered to be the best haunted houses in America.

  • Lalaurie House

This house in New Orleans is notorious for ghost sightings and paranormal activities. The place house had witnessed the gruesome maltreatment and evil-like attitude of Madam Delphine Lalaurie to her slaves which was uncovered when a fire occurred in the house. Firefighters were astonished to see chained and maimed slaves; some were placed in cages with some parts of their bodies strewn randomly. This horrid abuse had left indelible marks on the house wherein heartbreaking screams are commonly heard, a ghost of a young slave running and jumping off the roof is seen, and the feeling of uneasiness, nausea and fainting as well as appearance of light orbs are also common.

  • Winchester Mystery House

This totally unique Victorian-style mansion in San Jose, California was owned by Sarah Winchester. It was considered a mystery house because it was filled with baffling peculiarities as it is made up of 13 bathrooms, windows, steps, glass panes, drain holes and so on. In addition to these are the spirits and ghosts that reside therein which are responsible for various eerie happenings. These include disembodied voices, cold spots, apparitions, slamming doors, organs playing on their own and so much more. Guests and employees have also heard ghostly footsteps, seen orbs in photos and doorknobs turning on their own.

  • Lemp Mansion

This house in St. Louis, Missouri had long been the house of the Lemp family, even after they have all departed. The mansion had witnessed the horrible death of the family members, from Mr. Lemp Sr. down to his illegitimate grandson. Haunting activities in the mansion surfaced when it was converted into a bed and breakfast restaurant. These were felt by both customers and staff members. Mr. Lemp Sr. is said to be responsible for the eerie occurrences in his former room wherein guests reportedly heard someone running and kicking the door. Sounds of horses were also heard outside Mr. Lemp Sr.’s office. Meanwhile, his illegitimate grandson was said to haunt the attic. The boy’s “Monkey Face”, allegedly due to Down Syndrome, was regularly seen by passersby as peeking from the small window in the attic.  Also, William Jr. purportedly haunts the women’s bathroom downstairs. A female apparition is also often seen.

  • Hull House

This is a notorious house in Chicago, Illinois owned by Mr. Charles Hull. His wife, who died due to diabetes was the prominent ghost that haunt the house. Mrs. Hull is said to frequent her bedroom on the second floor where guests reportedly hear eerie and disembodied footsteps. Still, the house is infamous because of the so-called devil baby that for anything else, which was believed as a curse of his loudmouthed father. His deformed face was seen peering out the attic window.

Visitors of the best haunted houses in America will surely get impressive, real-life ghostly experiences from these troubled places.

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