Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

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Looking for Halloween costume ideas for couples generally is a lot of fun, especially if both parties are looking forward to dressing up and even playing their respective parts.  It is best to start browsing for ideas early on since the sheer number of options can make many dizzy.  Men, especially, seem to have no patience to go through pages and pages of Halloween costume ideas for couples.  Moreover, the length of time and the amount of work it entails to produce some of the costumes can be quite daunting.  Still, there are getups that can be completed without the need to spend too much money or effort.

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The following are some of the Halloween costume ideas for couples that can be thrown together easily and quickly.

  • Characters from horror films or stories

Witch and Warlock – A long black dress, long flowing tresses (or wig), a black pointy hat and a broomstick can easily make you an evil witch. The warlock or wizard meanwhile needs black trousers, a long black robe (preferably with a hood) and a toy staff or even a long stick that he can use to wield his powers.  If you prefer to be the good versions of these characters, just switch to white.

Frankenstein’s Monster and the Bride of Frankenstein – The man needs to have the Frankenstein monster’s mask which can easily be purchased in costume and specialty shops.  Using make-up can also do the trick. Do not forget to emphasize the sutures on the head, arms and hands. A tattered suit and pants will complete the look.  The Bride, meanwhile, needs huge black hair which can readily be accomplished with a wig, an old white dress or wedding gown that can be cut up, and make up.

Dracula and the Bride of Dracula – Who wouldn’t recognize the mesmerizing team of Count Dracula and his Bride?  To make Dracula come to life, you need a black and red cape, black suit, and of course, the fake fangs.  The Count is also known to be well groomed, so make sure the hair is sleek.  His bride should be equally entrancing with a sinuous, silk nightgown and seductive make-up.  The fangs of course are just behind her tempting smile.


  • Popular Characters from literature, television or film

Adam and Eve (of The Bible) – This costume is easy to whip up but would take major guts to pull off.  Adam and Eve need only the barest clothing to cover the essentials. Leaves, either real or fake, are then strategically attached to the clothing.  If you can’t handle being in your underwear or bikini in front of many people, there is always nude-colored garments.  Just the same, you need the leaves at the right places to get the look of the first man and woman on Earth.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman (of the TV series, Breaking Bad) – Walter and Jessie are two of the most beloved characters in current TV.  If you and your partner are fans, you can go as the meth-making duo in their yellow hazmat suits, gas masks and bald cap (for Walter’s character).  You also have the option to be Heisenberg and Jesse.  For Heisenberg, you need a bald cap, fake goatee, sunglasses, jacket and his trademark pork pie hat. If you decide to dress as Jesse Pinkman all you need are an enormous hoodie, baggy jeans and a beanie.

Mulder and Scully (of the X-Files) – If you are really short on time, going as FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of the all-time favorite TV series, The X-Files is a good idea.  You just need semi-business attires, trench coats, black shoes, toy guns and flash lights.  Scully is a red-head, so you can make use of a wig or a spray-on hair color.  To make it more “authentic”, print FBI badges which you can clip on your shirt.

There are literally hundreds of Halloween costume ideas for couples that you can choose from.  Basically, anything can be a source of inspiration for the costumes, from characters in scary movies or stories, to cartoon characters or fairy tales.  Fairies, princes and princesses, evil stepmothers and dragons, werewolves and vampires are some of the most popular Halloween costumes.  Even mundane objects like a smartphone, spoon and fork, and well known paintings can be brought to life as costumes during Halloween. Real-life, well known celebrities can likewise serve as Halloween costume ideas for couples.

Some of these attires require a great deal of patience, skill and time to get done as they are elaborate and detailed.  Meanwhile, others can be accomplished in a matter of minutes taking advantage of what is already present in the wardrobe.  Hence, before deciding on which Halloween costume ideas for couples to choose, take into account the time and money required to complete the costume.  Moreover, make sure that you and your partner are comfortable with what you will be wearing so you can have fun come Halloween.

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