Halloween Movies for Kids

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Halloween films are not exclusive for the grown-ups as there are Halloween movies for kids as well.  These involve monsters, creepy creatures, ghouls, vampires and all sorts of characters that Halloween is known for. But they do not contain excessive gore or very disturbing images. They just deliver the right amount of scare that youngsters like. Best of all, these Halloween movies for kids are fun to watch.

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  • Monster House

Monster House is an animated film that tells the story of three little kids on a mission to discover the secret of a mysterious house owned by a disgruntled old fellow who hates kids. They soon discover that the house is a living monster, ready to eat anything that disturbs it. This may be an animated movie but it does give a good scare.

  • The Corpse Bride

Victor is a man on the verge of marrying the one he loves when he unintentionally woke a deceased bride who assumes that he has married her. As Victor tries to find a way to get back to his true love, the corpse bride does what she has to do to prevent him from getting back to the world of the living. This stop-motion animated picture has a good story and has just the right amount of creepiness to it that makes it a great Halloween movie for kids.

  • Gremlins

This is a 1984 film that centers on a teenage boy, Billy, who was gifted with a cute little pet which he named Gizmo. There are three things that must be remembered and adhered to when taking care of Gizmo. But Billy inadvertently broke these rules resulting in mayhem. Gremlins is a classic and should indeed be included in the must-watch Halloween movies for kids.

  • Ghostbusters

Who would ever forget the group of parapsychologists who made a living out of catching ghosts? Peter, Egon, Raymond and Winston use proton packs to capture malevolent spirits and destructive ghosts who wreak havoc to their clients. Many of the young kids today no longer know who the Ghostbusters were. Why not introduce them to these four talented professionals and one of their iconic foe, Stay Puff, the humongous but cuddly Marshmallow Man?

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

No list of Halloween movies for kids would be complete without the film, Nightmare Before Christmas. What would ever happen to the Yuletide Season if the leader of Halloween Town, Jack, decides to take the role of Santa Claus and lead the celebration of Christmas? Children and adults alike would certainly be entertained in this animated movie with its good plot, pleasing visuals and great music.

  • The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad is a group of kids who work together to stop Dracula and his team of monsters from taking over the world. How cool is that? Surely young kids as well as pre-teens would find this film enjoyable, even though some scenes may make the youngest of viewers squirm in their seats. The monsters featured here, like Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy and The Wolf Man, are recognizable and well-loved by children.

  • The Addams Family

The Addams Family is the weird and creepy family that everyone adores. This movie tells the story of the close-knit branch of the Addams clan that still lived. They may appear bizarre and they do take pleasure in the macabre, but they are far from evil. The film itself is funny and a treat that will surely delight the young ones.

  • Halloweentown

Halloweentown is a nice place where the freakish, creepy but friendly creatures such as witches, monsters and goblins live. This little town is being turned into a zombie land by an evil warlock. It is up to Marnie, a 13-year old who just recently learned that she is a witch, her brother, sister and grandmother to stop the warlock from destroying the town and the mortal world as well. Some scenes may prove to a bit scary for the very young, so parents may want to cuddle their little ones.

  • Mickey’s House of Villains

This direct-to-video animation is a good addition to the collection of Halloween movies for kids. It shows what might happen to Mickey’s House of Mouse when Disney’s famous villains take it for their own on Halloween night. The film shows a number of clips from various Disney cartoons that kids will surely recognize. Little Disney fans will indeed appreciate this not-so-scary Halloween movie.

  • Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie

Lumpy, the very cuddly heffalump, is celebrating his first Halloween. When Pooh ate all the sweet treats, Lumpy and Roo decide to catch the fearsome Gobloon so they can make a wish for more candies. Their adventure leads them to learn how to overcome their fears and be brave. This is one of the very child-friendly Halloween movies for kids as the scares involved are quite mild.

No matter how young the child is, there are surely Halloween movies for kids that he or she can enjoy. Halloween, after all, is not just for the adults to celebrate but for the little ones too.

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