Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

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The haunted hotels in New Orleans are among the number of reasons why tourists flock to the place. These hotels are notorious for haunting from characters of the past considering the age and rich history of New Orleans. Unlike other haunted places like cemeteries, mansions, schools and hospitals, ghost hunters need not observe state ordinances or get permits in order to hunt for ghosts in these hotels. Those interested simply need to check in at the hotel and enjoy the amenities it has to offer, including the resident ghost.

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There are many haunted hotels in New Orleans that can be visited, and these are the most popular:

  • Hotel Provincial

The paranormal activities in this hotel in the French Quarters are primarily attributed to its long past. As it used to be the Confederate hospital, many ghostly sightings and poltergeist activities by different personalities have been reported, as is somewhat common among old buildings. Some of the scary happenings reported by employees and guests include moaning, apparitions of bloodied confederate soldiers in pain, and physical encounters with ghostly creatures. But one of the most frightening occurrences in the hotel is the emergence of blood stains on the beddings that quickly disappear. The elevator system is haunted as well, which reportedly opens on the 2nd floor with a view of the whole Confederate hospital.

  • Dauphine Orleans Hotel

This hotel that dates back to 1775 is haunted by several ghosts that make lots of frightening occurrences just to make their presence known. Ghostly apparitions of ladies dancing around the hotel are often seen. Sightings of the phantom of a dark-haired man in military uniform are common in the hotel’s courtyard.  Furthermore, poltergeist activities were reported, like empty rooms locked from the inside as well as the feeling of being closely watched.

  • Le Pavilion Hotel

Another haunted hotel in New Orleans popular among ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, Le Pavilion Hotel houses quite a lot of ghosts. There are over a hundred documented encounters with ghosts in the hotel by paranormal experts. Among the eerie sightings in the hotel are floating phantoms and ghosts who sat on hotel beds while the guests were trying to sleep.

  • Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Many scary ghostly encounters have been reported in Bourbon Orleans Hotel. These paranormal activities are attributed to the previous function of the hotel, which is a convent.  Guests and employees alike reportedly saw shadowy children running along the hotel’s hallways, a cigar-smoking man in the lobby who vanishes instantly, and a confederate soldier.  Also, the elevator is said to be haunted by a lonely phantom of a woman, which the ghost children run away from when she appears.

  • Castle Inn

The paranormal activities in this hotel are largely credited to two known ghosts – that of a girl who died due to drowning at the small pond on what used to be the grounds of a local plantation and a horse carriage driver. The girl frequently visits the hotel and wanders around the neighborhood barefoot and in a white dress, as if searching for her mother. She is said to be responsible for the bouncing up and down on the guests’ beds and touching women’s legs. On the other hand, the driver makes whistling sounds, coughing, moving objects, and sometimes appears on female guests’ bedside with a smoke in his hands.

Staying in one of these haunted hotels in New Orleans will certainly satisfy curious minds who are into supernatural investigations or searching for a good scare.

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