Haunted Hotels in San Antonio

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Haunted hotels in  San Antonio  are commonplace as are other such eerie locales in Texas. The haunted places in San Antonio range from century-old homes, abandoned buildings, and cemeteries, to hospitals, schools and hotels. In fact, several of the haunted hotels in San Antonio have become major tourist attractions. They have become popular among paranormal investigators as well as people who are looking for spooky escapades during Halloween or those who just want to make their vacation more exciting.

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The following hotels in San Antonio are known not only for their great service, but also for the unforgettable, frightening tales they offer.

  • Menger Hotel

Located in the metropolitan area, this is a renowned haunted hotel not just in San Antonio but all over the world. Menger Hotel has welcomed numerous VIPs since 1859, including President Theodore Roosevelt and Ulysses Grant. However, the place also served as home to countless ghostly creatures, and one of them is Sallie White. Sallie was murdered in 1876 and was believed to be responsible for the poltergeist activities in the upper hallways of the hotel. Menger Hotel is also haunted by a lady ghost who died due to a broken heart and was seen in one of the rooms in the upper level of the hotel. The Menger’s bar was also said to witness the apparition of President Roosevelt clad in military uniform. He used to stay in the bar to recruit members of the Rough Riders.

  • Emily Morgan Hotel

The Gothic look and background of Emily Morgan Hotel lends to its eerie reputation. The hotel was once a medical school whose basement was used as morgue. It is not surprising why this part of the building allegedly has strong paranormal activities. The 7th and 8th floors of the hotel are said to be haunted as well. A lot of peculiar things take place in these parts, including poltergeist activities like moving objects, strange noises, ghostly creatures walking about and unexplained temperature changes.

  • The Crockett Hotel

This hotel in Bonham Street has gone through several renovations and transfers of ownership since 1909, but the ghostly entities inhabiting the hotel do not seem to mind. Their presence can be felt in the lobby, guestrooms and the bar. Among the creepy experiences chronicled in Crockett Hotel include cold spots, faint whispers and footsteps in empty rooms. Poltergeist manifestations are common as well, such as curtains moving on their own, slamming doors as well as electricity and air conditioning turning on and off of their own volition. A man wearing a dark-blue jacket is said to haunt the hotel too.

  • St. Anthony Hotel

This century-old hotel has been a home to countless ghosts. During its 100th founding anniversary, guests reportedly saw ghosts in the hotel’s ballroom area. The apparition of the hotel’s former employee is said to haunt the restroom, while the ghosts of a couple are said to haunt a hotel room. Ghosts of children on the hotel’s roof as well as those of several people in the ballroom area also made themselves known.

  • Sheraton Gunter Hotel

There are numerous paranormal activities happening in this hotel, especially in room 636, although it was believed to be haunted by only one ghost. This ghost is said to be that of a mistress’ who was murdered by a man who chopped her body and processed it in a meat grinder.

These are just few of the haunted hotels in San Antonio. Visiting one of these hotels is a sure fire way to have real-life spine tingling encounters.

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