Haunted Hotels in Texas

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There are plenty of haunted hotels in Texas to choose from and staying at any one of these hotels will surely convince one that there is something eerie in them.

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The state of Texas has plenty to offer for those who want extraordinary thrill and excitement, from numerous beautiful spots to countless haunted places. Among these eerie attractions are haunted hotels.

There is a comprehensive list of haunted hotels in Texas and the following are some of the creepiest.

  • Baker Hotel

Even before the hotel stopped operation in 1970, a woman was said to haunt it during the 1950s. It was thought that it was the mistress of the hotel manager who died from jumping off the building. She was haunting the 7th floor, wherein drinking glasses with marks of red lipstick were found. Her presence is recognizable by the scent of her perfume which emanates from the room, the sound of steps of high heeled shoes and a flirtatious phantom of a woman. Also, a young boy with a shaggy pet dog and the ghost of the crushed elevator operator also haunt the place. Other eerie things happening in the place include sound of dishes in an empty room, voices of people talking, sounds of partying and orchestra music from the Brazos room and windows opening wide and closing on their own.

  • Jefferson Hotel

The hotel is the most haunted place in the small town of Jefferson. Some of the strange things reported include phantom men, faulty electrical equipment, the feeling of being watched and mysterious writings on bathroom mirrors. Paranormal activities are very strong in room number 19 wherein a dead woman is said to awaken the guests. Phantom figures, opening and closing closet doors, ghostly orbs and knocking noise on the headboards are quite common in almost all rooms. Guests reportedly hear sounds of footsteps of children running, dancing around and laughing; walking footsteps on the carpeted floor; crying sounds of a baby; and a voice of a child calling “mama.”

  • Menger Hotel

Renowned as the most haunted hotel across the globe, Menger Hotel is haunted by famous personalities including Theodore Roosevelt, who was seen in Menger’s bar dressed in military uniform when recruiting members of his own “rough riders”. Richard King also haunts the King Ranch room, while the Native-American Indian leader Geronimo was spotted in the basement of the hotel.

  • Galvez Hotel

Strong paranormal activities have been reported in room 505 in which guests feel extremely uncomfortable that they either leave or switch rooms. Room 500 is also notorious as it was where a woman died by hanging herself upon learning her fiance’s ship was lost. The ladies room downstairs is also haunted wherein hotel staffs and guests have heard flushing toilets, sinks functioning on their own and intensely rattling stall doors. Phantoms passing the marble floor, voices of people talking and strong gardenia scent can also be experienced.

  • The Hotel Lawrence

Some guests in this railway hotel still linger, despite the renovations and changes of ownership. A phantom of a man haunts the 2nd floor while a woman haunts the 10th floor, leaving cold spots, voices and sounds of high-heeled shoes walking along the lobby at midnight. Room 1009 is haunted as well with its doors difficult to open unless one asks permission from Smiley, a man who died in the room. Mr. Brookshire also died in the same room where he slit his throat.

These haunted hotels in Texas will surely give any thrill-seekers the dose of ghostly encounters they want.

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