Haunted Houses in Chicago

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Haunted houses in Chicago have their own ethereal charm.

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Visitors flock to Chicago not just to enjoy its historical hotels, monuments and sumptuous food, many also find that visiting the haunted houses in Chicago is worth the time. Chicago is renowned to have been the host of high-profile serial killer, H.H. Holmes, and also infamous for the Murder Castle. Even if the castle has long been gone, the gruesome killings associated to the place have never been forgotten.

Aside from the Murder Castle, there are a number of haunted houses in Chicago worth visiting anytime of the year.

  • Glessner House

This haunted house can be found in South Prairie Avenue in the city of Chicago. It was owned by John Jacob Glessner and was designed by Henry Hobson Richardson. Even before the Glessner family all died, ghostly sightings and a cold presence were purportedly felt around the house. Among the prominent ghostly resident of the Glessner house was Henry Hobson Richardson, the architect who designed the house. Meanwhile, the master’s bedroom and stairs are said to be haunted by a smog-like figure.

  • Hull House

Located in Halsted Street, this house was notorious due to the rumored devil baby. Many believed that the child was cursed because of his loudmouthed father who wanted to have a devil reside in their home instead of having another baby girl. The baby boy was born with a tail, pointed ears and horns. People reportedly saw a baby with a deformed face in the small window of the attic. On the other hand, Jane Addams and her friend got a real-life haunting experience from Mrs. Hull who died inside the second-floor bedroom. She made her presence felt by loud disembodied footsteps and ghostly apparitions.

  • Schweppe Mansion

This mansion in Mayflower Road was given to Charles and Laura Schweppe in 1915 as a gift from Laura’s father, John G. Shedd, for their wedding. When Laura died of a heart attack in 1937, Charles deeply grieved her loss that he decided to take his own life by a self-inflicted gunshot to the head in 1941. A lot of eerie experiences and happenings surfaced since then and it is believed that it is Charles and Laura who are haunting their mansion. It had been reported that the couple are frequently seen in the bedrooms while ghostly servants haunt the hall. One remarkable occurrence inside the mansion involves a window in the master’s bedroom. The said window was said to remain dust-free even if the rest of the house is dirty with cobwebs all around.

  • The Givens Castle

The castle was owned by the Irish novelist and real estate promoter, Robert Givens. He built the castle for his loving wife who was residing in Ireland during its construction. He must have thought that it was the perfect home for them because the surroundings resembled an Irish countryside. Sadly, Given’s wife died before the castle was even finished. She was thought to be responsible for the ghostly occurrences around the house, which include strange sounds. She was also reportedly seen walking towards the hill leading to the castle.

These are just some of the haunted houses in Chicago that have caught the attention of paranormal investigators and thrill-seekers alike because of the creepy tales they tell.

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