Haunted Houses in Georgia

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Here are some of the most haunted houses in Georgia.

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Spooky activities and ghost hauntings are endless in the state of Georgia. Tales of real life ghost stories can be heard everywhere and this is probably because the state has went through strife and violence which led to various grisly killings during the Civil War and the Reconstruction. The haunted houses in Georgia are the best places to engage in haunting and paranormal investigations. Casual visitors who are doubtful about the existence of ghosts will certainly change their point of view after going to these places.

Here are some of the most visited haunted houses in Georgia.

  • Olde Pink House

Located in Savannah, this former house now functions as a restaurant and piano bar. The house was owned by James Habersham Jr. It took almost 20 years for Mr. Habersham to finish the house in 1789. He has been the most prominent ghost to haunt the place during Sunday afternoons from October till March. Mr. Habersham was a generous and hospitable ghost according to the employees. His grandson also haunts the basement and even buys beer and takes it to the local cemetery. Furthermore, distressing sobs of a woman can be heard on the dining area in the 2nd floor, while ghosts of slave children who love to play with the living can also be seen in the basement.

  • Headless Grandfather House

This haunted house in Columbus, Georgia had been closed for ghost tours because it is already privately owned. The eerie accounts were personally experienced by the son of the house owner, Mr. Lewis C. and his friend, Fred. Fred apparently saw Mr. Grover C. wearing his favorite white pants but only the bottom half of his figure is clear. Mr. Lewis C. also saw his father in the hall wearing white shirt and dark pants but is headless. The figure sneaked toward him and vanished suddenly upon realizing that he was recognized.

  • Worcester House

This is a century-old farmhouse owned by Samuel Worcester in New Echota, Georgia. The violent times during the expulsion of the Cherokees had caused intense turmoil and these emotions were believed to saturate the Worcester House. The house witnessed a number of violent killings, including a gruesome murder of a Cherokee Indian in 1889 and two men who killed each other in the 1900s. As a result, ghostly footsteps, slamming doors, dragging chains, apparitions and uncomfortable feeling are felt in the Worcester House.

  • William Kehoe House

This house was located in Savannah, Georgia and had been the home of William Kehoe and his family. The house still stands and is now known as William Kehoe Historic Inn. The mansion was so dear to the couple and their family that they found it hard to leave. Annie Kehoe, the wife of William, is a sweet and friendly ghost who was seen visiting rooms 201 and 203. The fragrance of roses emanates in room 201, with Annie seen going about her business, checking and kissing her children around bedtime. William’s ghostly entity was also seen in his study room which was laid empty. He was also seen visiting the front door. Voices of laughing and playing children were also heard by guests.

Eerie experiences are never wanting in the state with the countless haunted houses in Georgia.

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