Haunted Houses in Iowa

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Haunted houses in Iowa have an air of mystery around them.

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The state of Iowa has a lot to offer for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. Burial grounds dating back to the Indian history scatter the state making the beautiful and far-reaching cornfields exude a menacing and eerie ambiance. Haunted places can be found everywhere and the haunted houses in Iowa have been the most popular eerie attractions of the state.

The following are some of the most popular haunted houses in Iowa.

  • Mathias Ham House

The house was built and owned by Mathias Ham, who was a shipping tycoon. It has been maintained by the Historical Society of Dubuque County and now functions as a museum. A lot of strange happenings felt by both visitors and staff members occur in the place. Some of the eerie experiences around the house include cold spots, photographed orbs, electrical malfunctions, disembodied footsteps as well as opening and closing windows. Some people heard disturbing voices and strange noises coming nowhere. The house is thought to be haunted by Mathias Ham himself. The captain pirate who tried to kill Mr. Ham’s daughter Sarah haunts the mansion as well. He was thought to be responsible for the mysterious lights moving along the dark staircases and hallways of the mansion.

  • Villisca Axe Murder House

The house of Joshua Moore was notoriously haunted due to the gruesome incident that happened there. His family, made up of 4 children, his wife and 2 overnight guests, were brutally killed inside the house in June 1912. Until now, the brutal killings of Moore’s family and the Stillinger girls remain unsolved and had been the hotbed of paranormal investigations. Among the ghostly experiences associated to the house were apparitions, disembodied footsteps, light orbs, moving objects, children laughing, banging sounds, falling lamps and mysterious audios. What is more remarkable is that these happen even in daylight.

  • Brucemore Mansion

This mansion in Cedar Rapids is another great place for ghost hunters. It was the home of three wealthy families, Sinclair, Douglas and Hall. There is one unknown ghostly entity to inhabit the house that makes lots of scary, poltergeist activities. However, the ghost seems to love books because it has been haunting the library and it must have fond memories of the place because it has resided there for a century. Visitors and staff members reportedly saw glowing apparitions in the library, heard sounds of laughter coming from nowhere, experienced objects moving on their own accord and felt a groaning presence.

  • General Dodge House

The house in Council Bluffs was owned by Mr. Dodge in 1869 and is the most prominent entity to haunt the place. Mr. Dodge’s ghost was seen several times around the house taking the form of a ghostly shadow walking along the hallways. Bright orbs were also seen at night inside and outside the house. Some visitors reportedly hear two disputing men in an empty part of the house.

  • Roberts House

This haunted house in Missouri Valley is another great place for ghost haunting. Disembodied footsteps can be heard in the basement stairs; the sound is said to move up the staircase and ends in an extremely loud thud. This often occurs during the winter months at nighttime. Some strange occurrences on the second floor of the house include water faucets that close and open on their own and doors slamming aggressively. At midnight, an extremely loud boom can also be heard and the fragrance of flowers can be smelled occasionally.

Visiting one of these haunted houses in Iowa will certainly spice up one’s ghost haunting experience.

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