Haunted Houses in Michigan

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The haunted houses in Michigan are among the favorite spots by paranormal investigators. The Wolverine State is a good place for thrill seekers and ghost hunters.  These houses, which range from small town houses to huge mansions, offer ghost haunting experiences like no other. While some of these places are open for ghost tours, others do not allow such activities.

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Here are some of the popular haunted houses in Michigan.

  • Cole-Adams House

This haunted house in Detroit is privately owned and ghost tours are not allowed there. However, it has been a renowned haunted house since the 1960s when the Cole-Adams family bought it. Bill found the particular bedroom near the kitchen a perfect place to sleep during the day because he worked all night long. But horrible things began when he dreamt of a maimed and bloody female corpse hanging inside the closet. This made Bill wake up profusely sweating and shaking. The same woman also appeared to their family friend who slept in the same room.  Bill’s mother also heard banging sounds coming from the closet.

  • Whaley Mansion

The 1850’s style mansion in the city of Flint has become a museum. Tales of ghost haunting started when the mansion went through renovation. There have been reported ghost sightings of a woman who was thought to be Mrs. Whaley. Contractors had eerie experiences while working on the Whaley Mansion, including a tarp that was placed onto the railing on the 2nd floor which slowly ascended before settling into the railing.

  • Philips Mansion

The two-story mansion boasts a Georgian Revival style and dates back to 1864. Strange happenings began when a mysterious fire broke out in 1934, driving the residents out from the mansion, which include a spiritualist. It was later on sold and transformed into apartments. One of the lady tenants saw a man with blond hair floating in midair and a tormented old lady. Not long after this, the two lady tenants moved out and two men bought and inhabited the house. Disturbing footsteps, apparitions, vibrations, thumping and banging were also common. The apparition of James Philips is said to haunt the home as well.

  • Felt Mansion

Dorr Felt built the mansion in 1923 for his wife Agnes. Shortly after they moved into the mansion in 1928, Agnes Felt died. Dorr was so depressed that he also died in 1930. The fact that they failed to enjoy their lavish state fully made their spirits linger around the house. This was made evident by strange orbs in photographs, cold spots, apparitions and slamming doors.

  • German Castle

This three-story Victorian castle was formerly owned by Michael Schwartz, a rich German immigrant. The place has been turned into a bingo hall and a library of Castle Park. The castle was haunted by one of Michael Schwartz’s daughters whom he held imprisoned in the tower as she tried to escape with the love of her life, which Michael did not approve of. People described this woman entity to have a sad face, looking out the tower window as she lost the man she loved most.

These haunted houses in Michigan will surely satisfy every visitor’s craving for the spooky and creepy anytime of the year.

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