Haunted Houses in New Orleans

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Included in the list of haunted houses in New Orleans are century-old mansions and plantations where ghost tours are offered for both professional paranormal investigators and thrill-seekers. New Orleans is a great place for people looking for a spooky getaway as tales of real ghost haunting and supernatural occurrences are heard everywhere. These houses have become some of the main attractions in New Orleans.

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The following are some of the popular haunted houses in New Orleans.

  • The Hermann-Grima House

Located on St. Louis Street, this 1831 house is inhabited by various ghosts. These phantoms are said to observe pleasant and cordial southern manners and are known to lend help to the living. They even keep the room warm during winter mornings by lighting the fireplaces and scattering perfumed roses to freshen the air.

  • The Beauregard-Keyes House

This abode on Charles Street was named after the Confederate General, Beauregard, and the famous author, Keyes. The house was the home of General Beauregard’s family while Mrs. Keyes used the place as her winter residence. Among the haunting occurrences in the house are those by the ghosts of General Beauregard and his troops. Phantoms of bloody soldiers as well as that of a fiddler player and other entities dancing in the ballroom hall were likewise seen.

  • Columns Mansion

This mansion in St. Charles Avenue was converted into a small hotel. But before that, it used to be the home of Simon Hernsheim, a prominent tobacco merchant. The mansion had then been used as a family home by several different owners. There are three gentile entities known to haunt the mansion, and all have been nice to the living. One of them is an apparition of a well-dressed man who kindly checks on the guests. A female phantom dressed in white was also seen floating happily in the garden area and ballroom. Lastly, the ghost of a little girl was also seen walking along the third floor close to the balcony.  She was thought to have died from an accident or a certain kind of disease.

  • Madam Lalaurie’s Mansion

This house located in Royal Street was owned by Mr. S. Fossat and was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lalaurie. The Lalaurie’s bought this mansion to have a place for their social events and gala balls. However, Mrs. Lalaurie was reportedly so cruel and maltreated her slaves. Her evil attitude was revealed when a fire broke out and exposed the torture chambers located in several parts of the house, such as the attic and the garret apartment. The mansion is notorious for the ghostly haunting from the victims of Mrs. Lalaurie. Tormented groans and screams in the attic; sounds of dragging chains in the staircase; extremely disfigured phantoms; distressing cries near the fountain are several of the numerous hair-raising occurrences in the place.

  • Laveau House

This house in St. Ann Street was where the renowned voodoo practitioner, Marie Laveau, used to live. Several people have seen her spirit and the ghosts of her followers engaging in voodoo rituals inside the house. Some even saw her dressed in a long white dress walking along St. Ann Street.

New Orleans is considered to be one of the scariest places in America and the haunted houses in New Orleans have drawn tourists and paranormal enthusiasts alike to this place.

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