Haunted Houses in PA

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Haunted houses in PA are a huge favorite with thrill-seeks and the ones who loe paranormal activity.

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Pennsylvania is a state rich in history with notable battlefields and vast rolling hills that can surely satiate every traveler’s eyes. It is not surprising that haunted stories abound all corners of the state. The most prominent ghost stories that circulate the region involve some of the most haunted houses in PA. Most of these homes are open for paranormal investigations and ghost haunting activities.

The following are several of the top haunted houses in PA for paranormal enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike.

  • Powel House

This haunted house in Philadelphia was owned by Charles Stedman from 1765 to 1766 and was later sold to Samuel Powel. Among the ghostly entities that frequent the only Georgian Colonial townhouse are a number of Continental Army Officers and the Marquis de Lafayette, a good friend of Samuel Powel. An apparition of a woman is often seen on the second floor, as if she made it her home. She was said to calm and friendly, fanning herself and smiling graciously to visitors before disappearing. This woman was believed to be the one who helped a man who got separated from his tour group when he went to use the bathroom on the 2nd floor when the lights suddenly went out. In addition, Benedict Arnold was also reportedly seen haunting the Powel House.

  • Baker Mansion

This mansion in Altoona is haunted by its original owner, Elias Baker, and his family. Among the remarkable eerie happenings inside the house is the moving wedding dress which was safely kept in an airtight glass container.  The dress is believed to be owned by Anna Baker, the daughter of Elias Baker. A soldier in Civil War era uniform also haunts the basement. Screams, which were thought to be from the son of Elias Baker, can also be heard from the basement.  He was said to be murdered and laid shut in the freezer.

  • Jenny Wade House

This two-story, red-brick, 1800s duplex is located in Gettysburg and is purportedly haunted by the owner herself, Jenny Wade. She was seen baking bread with the aroma of the bread filling the air. Moreover, her rose-scented perfume can be smelled by the museum caretakers and visitors. There are two unknown male ghosts haunting the house as well.  One, who is believed to be Jenny’s father, was seen in the cellar; whereas the other one haunts the upper level of the house. Voices of children yelling and playing can be heard around the house.

  • Congelier Mansion

This house in Pittsburgh was owned by C.W. Congelier.  He was killed by his wife Lydia upon discovering his romantic affair with their servant. Later, when the house was sold to Dr. A. Brunrichter, screams can be heard from the mansion and investigators figured out that the doctor had been conducting experiments on severed heads. During the inquest, five headless women were found on the basement and a rotting woman’s corpse on the bed. Apparitions and noises have been heard in the house.

  • Farnsworth House

Sitting near the historic Gettysburg battlefield, the Farnsworth house was haunted by persons that lived and died there. There are around 14 ghosts that haunt the house, all believed to be either former residents or Confederate soldiers.

Any of these haunted houses in PA can offer both paranormal professionals and supernatural enthusiasts the dose of creepiness and mystery that they are after.

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