Haunted Places in California

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California is another great place for people who are searching for spooky adventures and into paranormal investigation as the state is home to countless haunted houses and sites. Due to the vast number of haunted places in California, ghost travels and tours as well as paranormal-focused activities are being offered by tour agencies all year round. Some of these eerie places are tightly secured; requiring permission from the local government for access, or else, visitors could get arrested.

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Aside from the famous labyrinthine Winchester House, the following are considered among the haunted places in California that are worth visiting.

  • RMS Queen Mary (Long Beach)

Long Beach, California is rated among the haunted places in California due to the infamous ghost ship, RMS Queen Mary. A lot of disturbing occurrences and ghostly sightings have been experienced in the ship especially on door 13, which had witnessed the crushing of 3 people to death. A phantom of a young man in blue overalls is also seen in this area. The swimming pools are said to be haunted as well by women who are clad in 1930’s fashion swim wear and a girl holding her teddy bear. Frightening disturbances have likewise been reported from room B340, including voices, cries, doors slamming.  These are but a few of the bizarre happenings that take place all over the ship.

  • Queen Anne Hotel

This hotel in San Francisco, California used to be an educational center for the upper class in the 1890’s but was turned into a hotel in 1995. Queen Anne Hotel is considered as the scariest hotel as it is haunted by its former owner, Miss Mary Lake. She is said to roam the corridors and halls, slam the doors, play the piano and make tapping noises. She even pulls on the clothes and hair of guests and staffs and sometimes appearing to them wearing 1800’s costume. However, her presence is more frequently seen in her former bedroom, room 410.

  • Whaley House

This house in San Diego makes California a favorite place for paranormal activities and investigations. The ghostly experiences in the house are believed to be due to the fact that it was built over an ancient burial ground of Native Americans. However, the most notable ghost residing in Whaley House is Yankee Jim, the one who is responsible for the choking sensations and poltergeist activities inside the place. Unsettling feelings, cold spots and voices heard are said to be caused by different individuals who died in the house.

  • Alameda Insane Asylum

Paranormal activities inside the Alameda Insane Asylum are believed to be due to the patients who were ill- treated or committed suicide. Among the frightening hauntings in the abandoned hospital include loud screams, feeling that someone is looking or somebody else’s presence, eerie faces seen on curtains and windows, apparition of a boy running along the corridors and many more.

  • Tyler Street House

This house in Fresno has been legendary for various poltergeist phenomena since a couple of decades ago and still continuous to frighten even paranormal experts. Included among the eerie experiences reported by its previous occupants are red eyes peering out of closets, flying objects from countertops and battered cat in the cabinet.

With lots of haunted places in California, it’s not surprising why it has become one of the favorite locations for ghost hunting and paranormal investigations.

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