Haunted Places in Florida

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Florida is the best place to be for vacationers and immigrants. Its pristine beaches, prosperous economy and laid-back atmosphere provide a perfect setting for raising a family or retiring. But it also makes an excellent place for people looking for unforgettable ghost hunting adventures as there are plenty of worthy haunted places in Florida. Some of these places have long been vacant while others are fully functioning.

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The following are among the popular haunted places in Florida.

  • The Old Courthouse

This courthouse is infamous for numerous ghostly sightings and noises. Screams are quite common in the only basement accessible by elevator. Strange feelings and poltergeist activities have been experienced in the first floor where Indian artifacts are stored. A ghostly lady was also seen inside the bathrooms of the 2nd and 3rd floors. Paranormal occurrences are also active in the 2nd floor where phantoms of the Mann brothers have been appearing.

  • The Belleview Biltmore Hotel Resort

This is a popular haunted hotel in Clearwater, Florida. Ghostly sightings and strange encounters were reported by both the hotel’s employees and guests. Some apparently saw various apparitions wandering the resort halls. In addition, poltergeist activities, disturbing sounds, and children’s laughter and playful noises have been noted throughout the resort’s building.

  • St. Augustine Lighthouse

The lighthouse in St. Augustine is reportedly haunted by several ghosts and was even featured in a number of television shows. Among the ghosts haunting this place was that of the children who died from an accident when the lighthouse was being built. These ghosts were said to be responsible for the movements of the swing set and the voices and laughter heard from the grounds. Ghostly apparitions of the said children were also supposedly seen on the windows. In addition, the spirit of the light keeper who accidentally fell off from the edifice is said to be haunting the structure too.

  • Leach Mansion

This mansion located in Jensen Beach is a popular attraction for ghost hunters and investigators of the supernatural. Among the paranormal activities chronicled in this old mansion include intense cold spots in hallways and orbs all over the building. Creepy happenings are also common in the auditorium, such as sounds emanating from the piano with no one playing it, and a singing young boy. Also, shadow people are held to be seen in nearly all areas. Those who have visited the place reported strange sensations upon entering the double doors.  In addition, the feeling of being watched and followed is also widespread.

  • The Good Shepherd Hospice

The Good Shepherd Hospice in Auburndale was once a hospital and then converted into a hospice.  It still functions as a hospice up to this day, but stories of it being haunted has been circulating. Allegedly, the place is haunted by the ghost of Mary Morrow, the wife of a doctor who worked there. Many of the hospice’s staff and patients reportedly saw her apparition wearing mid-1900’s clothes. Mary Morrow was classified a peaceful phantom walking along the different areas in the building, not causing any disturbance or harm.

Ghost tours and paranormal investigations on the various haunted places in Florida are offered for those who want a good scare or study supernatural activities.

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