Haunted Places in Illinois

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Illinois is another potential place for hunting ghosts and studying paranormal activities due to the abundance of battle and burial grounds that dot the state. The haunted places in Illinois are composed of cemeteries, public libraries, century-old mansions and hospitals, as well as hotels and colleges. Some roads in Illinois have been said to be haunted as well. It is not surprising that Illinois is one of the preferred places by those looking for thrilling and eerie experiences.

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Here are some of the renowned haunted places in Illinois.

  • Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

This graveyard is one of the notorious haunted places all over America due to sightings of a phantom farmhouse with glowing lights in its windows. A white lady had been seen haunting the cemetery as well, and was believed to be looking for her lost baby. An apparition of a man with a plow following a horse crossing the 143rd Street, a black dog that vanishes when approached, and figures in monk’s robes are some of the sightings that entice paranormal enthusiasts to visit this place in Midlothian, Illinois.

  • Peoria Public Library

This library in Peoria, Illinois is said to be haunted by lots of different ghosts. This could be because the library was said to be built on a cursed ground. The property used to have a house originally owned by a prominent citizen of Peoria and cursed it after it was foreclosed by her lawyer. Tragedy befell everyone who lived in the house, including the former Illinois governor. Although the library was not built over the house, the curse seemed to be still in effect as the three early library directors died in unusual manner. Even though a new library was built in place of the old one, employees reported some hauntings such as cold drafts, voices calling their names though they are alone, and ghostly encounters with the former director on the doorway of the basement. 

  • Palmer House

The house was said to be haunted by the victims of the cruelty of the orphanage’s owner. People reported strange accounts in the form of crying sounds of children, sad faces on basement windows, scratching sounds on the doors and stamping on the floors. Some have also noticed some faces on photographs taken from the house. It was said to be haunted not only by the children but by the owner as well.

  • Illinois College

Almost all buildings in Illinois College are rumored to be haunted. A mysterious phantom is said to haunt Whipple Hall, while a young lady who committed suicide roams Ellis Hall. The Sturtevant Hall is home to a ghost in Confederate uniform.  Meanwhile, people have heard ghostly footsteps in Beecher Hall which are believed to be made by the corpses stolen by medical students from nearby hospitals and were stored in what is now the Beecher Hall.

  • Bartonville Insane Asylum

The edifice itself, which was built way back in 1887 and used to house people with mental problems, is already creepy. Among the disturbing haunting in this place includes apparitions of people dressed in hospital gowns walking along the rooms and halls of the hospital. Screams, moaning and cold spots are also felt in its empty rooms.

These are just a few of the haunted places in Illinois worth checking out, and there are still lots that offer spine-tingling chills.

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