Haunted Places in Indiana

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Indiana has numerous spooky stories to tell and this is because burial grounds scatter the state. This makes Indiana one of the favorite places to visit by people who are looking for some spooky adventures and ghostly haunting. The haunted places in Indiana include railway bridges, state library, hotels, hospitals and many more. The countless creepy places found in the region ranks Indiana among the most haunted states in the United States.

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The following are some of the popular haunted places in Indiana.

  • Haunted Railroad Bridge

Many bridges have stories of paranormal activity in one form or another and the railroad bridge on White Lick Creek is one of these. Located in Avon City, Indiana, the bridge has been known to be haunted by an Irish railroad worker who was buried alive when the wooden platform fell, dumping and trapping him in the wet cement. His ghost is believed to be responsible for the hammering sounds and screaming from the pylon heard by people who walk close to the railway. Many believe that he is the ghostly man seen on the bridge who sometimes flag trains.

  • Central State Hospital

Formerly known as Central Indiana Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, the institution was swarming with all sorts of mentally disturbed individuals. One of the scariest parts of the place is the basement from which visitors and staff have reportedly heard moans and screams although it was empty. In addition, ghostly apparitions wearing hospital robes have been spotted running along hallways as well as outside the building.

  • Willard Library

Located in Evansville, Indiana, this century-old edifice is Indiana’s oldest state library and is held to be haunted by just a single ghost. The lady ghost was dressed in 1800’s fashion and was spotted numerous times both by visitors and staffs of the library. It is alleged that she had been captured in ghost cameras for several times already.

  • Town Circle

A popular movie theater in the city of Angola, Indiana, Town Circle is haunted by a male ghost who purportedly lost the love of his life. The tormented ghost has been reported to manifest itself by apparitions and by unexplained cries and sobbing. These strange incidences are often heard during midnight, though there are times when he made himself felt by moviegoers by means of inconsolable crying.


  • The Barbee Hotel

It was once a renowned place for respite for wealthy travelers and the famous gangster Al Capone. Al Capone frequently stayed at the Barbee Hotel, often clearing it out of all other guests. His room of choice is the room 301. He is said to be behind the spooky haunting in the hotel by means of cigar smoke coming from this room. There are also instances when a ghostly apparition of an old man is seen sitting on one of the hotel booths. Aside from ghostly sightings which is said to be of the infamous mobster, employees have reported heard some footsteps in the halls and on the stairs. Visitors have also found some orbs on the background of group pictures during parties.

These are only just a few of the popular haunted places in Indiana, and there are still lots of them worth checking out.

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