Haunted Places in Kentucky

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Kentucky has become one of hot spots for ghost hunters. A sheer number of people flock this place especially during Halloween to get a first-hand experience of Kentucky’s ghost folklore. Among the countless haunted places in Kentucky are cemeteries, old houses and mansions, hotels, hospitals, theatres and lot more. Some of these haunted sites are owned by the government while others are properties of private individuals.

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The following are several of the top haunted places in Kentucky preferred by a majority of those who visited.

  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The Gothic architecture of the building is enough to scare people away. Waverly Hills Sanatorium was a well-known hospital back then for tuberculosis patients and has become a favorite spot by paranormal investigators. One of the scary places in the hospital is Room 502 which is said to be haunted by the tormented spirit of a head nurse who died in 1928. Her ghost was said to be the reason for the death of another head nurse in 1932 who committed suicide by jumping from the roof deck. Other areas in the place that have eerie accounts include the death tube or tunnel, the ground floor and the fourth floor where shadow figures, light orbs and ghost apparitions are common.

  • Liberty Hall

This historic house in Frankfort is reportedly haunted by various ghosts including the Lady Grey, a soldier in British uniform and a Spanish opera singer. The Lady Grey, who is believed to be Mrs. Varick, is reportedly seen on the staircase and in her bedroom by visitors, staffs and family members. The ghost soldier, which is seen to be peeking into the windows on the ground floor is said to be that of a British soldier who fell in love with one of the Browns. The Spanish opera singer was said to be seen with a frozen mouth running hysterically in the gardens.

  • The Jailer’s Inn

The inn used to be a jail in Bardstown, Kentucky known as the Nelson County Jail. It is notorious for serious supernatural activities, with Martin Hill frequently seen haunting the inn. A woman’s specter was also noted here which was thought to be the ghost of the original jailer. Creepy accounts, like eerie footsteps and slamming of heavy prison-style doors, were experienced by employees and visitors alike.

  • Bob Mackey’s Music World

The ghost haunting in the nightclub is attributed to its dark past. The area was once a slaughter house, an alleged place for demonic worship, and the location of a shocking murder that occurred in 1896. Even if the edifice had been transformed into a variety of nightclubs, its dark past still lingers with the caretaker of the club having reported eerie paranormal activities like unusual sounds, flickering lights and the phantom of a man and a woman.

  • Paramount Arts Center

This theater in Ashland is one of the popular haunted places in Kentucky.  The most prominent ghost that haunts the place is of a guy named Joe. He hung himself from the stage rafters when the construction of the theater was underway. Joe makes himself recognizable by cold drafts, missing things, and ghostly sounds. Furthermore, there have been reports of a specter of a man appearing on some occasions.

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