Haunted Places in Michigan

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The innumerable haunted places in Michigan are made evident by the profusion of paranormal tour packages and investigative groups offering excursions and paranormal explorations throughout the year. Indeed, Michigan is one of the chosen places by paranormal enthusiasts as the state offers an abundance of eerie places which range from century-old mansions, theatres, hospitals, to military forts and schools, and so much more.

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Some of the renowned haunted places in Michigan include:

  • The Felt Mansion

The mansion located in Holland, Michigan and was owned by Dorr and Agnes Felt, was completed in 1928. However, Agnes died of stroke shortly after they moved in, while Dorr Felt remarried and died in 1930. The fact that Agnes was not able to live long in the mansion is thought to be the reason why her ghost still wanders the house. One of the strange experiences in the house involves a door in the ballroom which opens on its own. This door is close to Agnes’ room where she died.

  • Bower’s Harbor Inn

Located in Traverse City, Michigan, the Bower’s Harbor Inn is another famous haunted place in northern Michigan. One of the popular haunting stories involves the original owner, J.W. Stickney and Genevive, his wife. The couple are said to still reside in their home with Genevive appearing in her gilded mirror and J.W Stickney in their home elevator. Genevive was alleged to have committed suicide by hanging herself on the elevator shaft due to severe depression upon learning that her husband left his fortune to his mistress, living her nothing but the house. Among the eerie experiences in the mansion-turned restaurant are slamming doors, knockings on doors, walls and closets, and a functioning elevator even without electricity. 

  • Traverse City State Hospital

Formerly known as Northern Michigan Asylum, this state hospital in Traverse City, Michigan is purportedly home to numerous ghost stories and sightings. It was closed down in 1989, but restoration has been going on to bring back its old grandeur and convert it into office spaces, condos and restaurants. Some of the haunted experiences in the hospital include echoes and knockings in the psychiatric wards, ghosts wandering the hospital grounds, ghostly creatures, both young and old, appearing and disappearing on the different floors of the hospital.

  • Fenton Hotel

It was once a hotel but has now become a well-known fine dining restaurant located in Fenton, Michigan. The building has stood the test of time despite the fact that it is already a century-old. Restaurant staffs have reported numerous creepy accounts especially in the bar, like opening and closing shutters, breaking glasses and people ordering drinks that suddenly disappear. Employees also hear some noises and footsteps on the upper levels, including scary light flickering.

  • Forrest Roberts Theatre

Found in Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan, the theatre has been a renowned haunted place due to the numerous ghostly sightings of a man inside the elevator. This man was said to be NMU’s janitor named Perry who had a heart attack inside the elevator and died. Perry has been appearing not only inside the elevator but all over the theater building as well.

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