Haunted Places in Ohio

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Ohio hosts numerous haunted sites and some of the scariest places in America. These haunted places in Ohio include houses, railroad tunnels, schools, and cemeteries to name a few. These eerie places have caught the attention of paranormal enthusiasts as well as investigative reporters to unfold the mysteries behind such haunting.

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With lots of abandoned homes, infrequently visited places and industrial wreckages enveloped in one of the densest woods in the United States, Ohio is the place to satisfy curious and investigative minds that try to take a peek at the other dimension.

Most Haunted Places in Ohio

  • Ohio University

The legendary university gives Athens its reputation as the scariest place in America. There are countless haunting stories and experiences in the university buildings.  The most terrifying accounts happened in Wilson Hall, which include ghostly apparitions, black shadows moving stealthily along the hallways, and blood persistently appearing on a wall despite efforts to paint over it. The Jefferson Hall is also reportedly haunted by a conservatively dressed female schoolteacher seated at a desk in the corner of the room. The Brown House which has become the university’s Contemporary History Institute is believed to be haunted by its owner Millie Brown who is seen watching through the windows.

  • Moonville Tunnel

The tunnel lies near Zaleski, Ohio and is haunted by various ghostly creatures. One of the popular haunting is a man in engineer’s clothing, carrying a lantern and standing on the far end of the tunnel. It was said that it was Engineer Frank Lawhead who died in a train wreck and his ghost appears on the very spot where he expired. A young railroad brakeman and a woman walking in the tunnel with the lavender scent following her have been haunting the site as well. A man named Baldie Keeton is believed to haunt the tunnel too by standing above Moonville Tunnel, throwing rocks at people walking beneath.

  • Hocking Hills State Park

The state park is located in Logan, Ohio and is widely visited due to Old Man’s Cave. The cave is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Richard Roe who lived in the cave and accidentally died as he tried to break the ice using his riffle. Aside from Roe’s baying hounds, his dogs’ woofing cries can also be heard especially during full moons as they wait for Richard’s return.

  • West State Street Cemetery

This cemetery in Athens, Ohio is popular because of a weeping statue of an angel. It is said to be the Angel of the Unknown Soldier and the statue not only weeps but flutters her wings as well. In addition, statues of two pigtailed little girls have been said to move occasionally, with the younger one waving.

  • Johnson Covered Bridge

The bridge located in Lancaster, Ohio has been alleged to be haunted by a weeping lady who walks back and forth. Sometimes, the ghostly apparition peers out on one end of the bridge as if waiting for someone. Others have also seen the lady waving her hands, gesturing the living to come closer.

For those who are brave enough and are looking for some creepy adventures, these are only some of the popular haunted places in Ohio that are worth checking out.

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