Haunted Places in Pa

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Pennsylvania is renowned not only for its beautiful sceneries and historical edifices but for countless scary places as well. The haunted places in Pa are among the attractions the state has to offer to its visitors and locals. Due to its inclusion in the French-Indian War, American Revolution, Civil War, as well as small battles, ghostly houses and places litter the state. In fact, numerous paranormal investigations have been conducted on very old houses and mansions, penitentiary, hospitals and a whole lot of other eerie locations.

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Some of the haunted places in Pa popular to ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts are:

  • Carbon County Jail

This jail turned museum which lies in Jim Thorpe City tells tales of various strange experiences by its visitors. One of the famous ghost stories involving Carbon County jailhouse is the hanging of Alexander Campbell, an Irish activist who was fighting for the rights of coal miners. With fabricated reasons, Campbell was sentenced to death, and on his hanging day he placed his hands on the wall of cell 17 and promised that it will serve as proof of his absolute innocence. His hand prints still remain up to this time despite efforts of removing them such as cleaning, repainting, and tearing the wall down and rebuilding a new one.

  • Devil’s Den

This scary place is located in Gettysburg, a place that had witnessed the loss of thousands, and even millions of lives during the Battle of Gettysburg and the US Civil War. The Devil’s Den is believed to be haunted by Indian warriors and soldiers. Eerie sounds like gun shots and drum rolls have been heard. Visitors had also noted that their cameras malfunctioned as they try to take photos. Many have reported ghostly sightings and even conversations with a friendly soldier. Some were even able to manage to take pictures of the said soldier but cannot be found when the photographs were developed.

  • Jenny Wade House

Jenny Wade House in Gettysburg was held to be haunted by several ghosts and place of paranormal occurrences. A lady ghost was reportedly haunting the house and following her is the smell of baked bread. In addition, a yelling child can be heard and is known to walk with visitors during the entire tour of the house. In the upper floors of the house, a male phantom had been noted with a lingering smell of cigarette.

  • Eastern State Penitentiary

This century-old penitentiary lies in Philadelphia and is popular among seasoned ghost hunters conducting paranormal investigations. Unexplained activities have been reported by prisoners and employees especially at Cellblock 12 area, where voices and laughter were heard and mass shadows appear. Supernatural phenomena were also noted in Cellblock 6 and Cellblock 4, where ghostly figures and faces can be seen on the walls.

  • Congelier Mansion

The mansion is notorious for extreme paranormal activities and was believed to be cursed. Several tragedies occurred in the mansion, with the owner himself, with his mistress servant, murdered by his wife. Ghostly sightings and noises were reported in the mansion and are thought to be from those who died from the tragedy and gas explosion that happened there years ago.

Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators will never run out of haunted places in Pa to investigate and experience frightening ghostly encounters.

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