Haunted Places in the UK

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Presented below are some of the most haunted homes/places in UK.

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  • The Elvey farm in Pluckley, Kent, England: Pluckley is not only home to some of the most haunted homes in UK but is also the most haunted village in England, as per the Guinness Book of Records. The Elvey farm is located right in the middle of the village and as such consists of medieval rafters and dazzling bedrooms. The ghostly encounters are many. Some of them include a weeping wander, a melancholic wraith of a school teacher, a highwayman, a soldier, Red Lady Derring, a miler, a screaming man and a white dog. Don’t forget to carry your camera, if you decide to visit this place.
  • The Jamaica Inn in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall: Most of us are aware of the fact that this inn is famous due to Daphne Du Maurier. The tavern is 250 years old and boasts of a great assortment of smuggling paraphernalia.  However, it is better known for the goings-on from the netherworld. Many have reported hearing footsteps in empty passageways and unusual noises of horse’s hooves and cartwheels in the cobbled patio or courtyard, as well as sighting a murdered person quietly sitting outdoors, pondering over something and a man wearing a tricorn hat wandering through walls. Sleepless nights are guaranteed in this haunted home.
  • The Talbot hotel in Oundle, Northamptonshire, England: In case you have a thing for celebrity hosts, then this is the right haunted home in UK for you. It is a great Elizabethan house, but is rumored to harbor the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots. It is said that she walked down the staircase which is now present in the Talbot hotel, to her execution. The presence of open fires, several transom windows and oak beams are sure to chill you to the bones when the lady relives the ritual of her final walk, every night.
  • The Chillingham castle in Alnwick, Northumberland, England: This is another haunted home in UK that will give you sleepless nights. It is well known for the moans and whimpers of the Blue Boy. A few pieces of blue clothing and his bones have been found behind the wall, from where the cries echoed, which indicates that he may have been immured there. Other ghostly features include the sounds of a dress along the turret stairs, indicating the unrelenting search of Lady Mary Berkeley for her husband, who eloped with her sister; the voices heard in the chapel, the sightings of a white lady in the storeroom or pantry, etc.
  • The Prince Rupert hotel in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England: This hotel used to be the home of Prince Rupert. Thus, one can partake of a lavish life that was enjoyed by the 12th or 15th century kings. This place can also be apt for those who want to spend some exceptionally gruesome nights. It is reported that one can spot a woman hanging from the ceiling in room number six. If that’s a little too grisly, then one can opt for other rooms, where tourists have given testimonies of strange movements of various objects. Visit this place for a double whammy.The Maes-y-Neuadd Talsarnau in Gwynedd, Wales: This is a haunted home in UK that does not house frightening ghosts. Instead it is home to a wraith, which is rather friendly. She is supposedly the ghost of a woman nursemaid who attended to the children of the castle. Many visitors who have encountered her ghost have stated that they did not feel any terror in her presence. Rather, they develop strange sensations of calmness and quietly drift off to a pleasant dreamworld. In case, the ghostly sighting does not give you your money’s worth, then you can always soothe your eyes with views of Snowdonia, the next morning.
  • The Ruthin castle in Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales: This castle has all the makings of a haunted home in UK. It is a beautifully structured red fort, and has a grim history of nearly 400 years. It comes packed with ghost accessories such as a whipping pit, a drowning pit and dungeons. Additionally, it is home to the execution of a jealous wife who had hacked the lover of her husband with an axe. This Grey Lady can be seen wandering around the chapel and the battlements, without the axe though! Other sections of the castle echo with inexplicable noises, mysterious footsteps, sudden changes in temperature and sightings of a spectral soldier.
  • Tulloch Castle hotel in Dingwall, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland: This haunted home in UK is not for the faint hearted. This 12th century castle is home to a number of secret corridors and passageways, a secret entry tunnels and a secret door. Some of the really chilling episodes at this haunted home, include the story of a guest who woke up to feel a couple of girls straddling his chest and trying to strangle him to death. Others have had sightings of odd figures near the foot of their beds; heard mysterious noises and the rattling of door handles, and the moping of a Green Lady who supposedly died falling down the spiral staircase. Room number eight is a must for those who want a big-time fright night.
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