Haunted Places in Wisconsin

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The state of Wisconsin boasts of its beautiful and peaceful lakes, laid-back forests and interesting historical museums. However, the region is also among the favorite places of paranormal enthusiasts and visitors searching for memorable ghostly encounters. Hotels, century-old mansions, cemeteries and roads comprise some of the recognized haunted places in Wisconsin. Adding to the legendary and frightening history of the state is the fact that the infamous serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Gein, lived here.

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Whether a person is looking for a good scare or engaged in some form of paranormal investigation, the following haunted places in Wisconsin are worth visiting.


  • The Kewaunee Inn

The inn is a popular place visited by ghost hunters as it provides not just superb customer service but interesting accounts of odd and ghostly encounters by visitors and employees. Among the notable ghosts that haunt the inn is the owner himself, William Karsten Sr. Many believe that his spirit is responsible for cold spots felt in his favorite suite, a sour smell and the strange feeling of being watched. William’s grandson, Billy, is held to haunt the inn as well, as he could be heard running to William’s suite or playing with other children. A ghostly lady sweeping place is also noted and is believed to be Agatha, one of Kewaunee Inn employees.

  • Scott Mansion

This mansion in Merril is popular due to the various ghost sightings of its former occupants and caretaker. It was widely believed that the mansion was built over a land that was cursed by a Native American chief upon the death of his daughter who he buried there. He vowed that the land bring no good to any white man who lived there as it was a white chap who violated her daughter, got her pregnant which resulted to her death during childbirth. It is believed that it was due to this curse that many of the former owners or residents of the mansion met untimely deaths or other forms of misfortune. An apparition of a lady ghost in the tower and flickering lights were reported by many.

  • Foote Farmhouse

This century-old farmhouse in Eureka is reported to be haunted by apparitions of the owner’s twin sons, which were seen roaming around the grounds. Floating lights were also seen on the windows despite the fact that the farmhouse had long been abandoned.

  • St. Killian’s Townline Road

A cemetery/church in Lake Geneva, this place is notorious for various paranormal activities. Among the eerie accounts in the place include the phantom of a priest, unexplainable shadows, noises and footsteps. Smog around tombstones was also seen and a ringing bell was heard from an invisible church tower. To add to the disturbing atmosphere, the basement was said to be used for worshiping the devil.

  • The Rave

The once athletic club is filled with various supernatural happenings especially when it is almost empty or closed. The scary chronicles include phantom of children, apparition of a drowning victim in the pool area, voices of girls from catacomb-like halls, and smell of chlorine/bleach in the basement. Intense cold spots and sounds of objects being thrown on the roof when nothing seems to instigate it are also allegedly experienced.

There is a long list of haunted places in Wisconsin that are worth checking out. Moreover, there are a number of ghost tours and travels being offered to visitors and locals alike.

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