Horror Movies Based on True Stories

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Fans of horror movies love a great story, and although some of these stories may seem outlandish, there are horror movies which are based on true stories and real events. They tell the story of real-life people who have gone through harrowing times. Some survived and others did not. Here are some of the horror movies that are based on real-life events.

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1)      Open Water

This movie was produced and released in the year 2003. It is an actual recount of Tom and Eileen Lonergan, a couple who had attended a scuba diving adventure in 1998. The boat crew did not do a proper head count, and upon surfacing, the couple found that they had been left in open water, surrounded by sharks. For those who love movies about the lions of the sea, then this is a good movie to watch. The odd thing is that it was made on a shoestring budget of $130,000 and yet grossed over $55 million.

2)      The Zodiac Killer

This is a true story about a killer who was never caught, and would mark his victims with a zodiac sign. The DVD has true interviews with people who survived the killer, and also the police who investigated the crimes. However, the Zodiac killer is said to be still alive, but too weak to do any harm to anyone at this time due to age.

3)      Borderland

This is the story of how the Mexican drug cartels usually had one person who was an enforced extraordinaire. He was supposed to be sadistic in nature, and would be given a place in which to maim torture and kill his victims. The story is based on a true account of a time when the DEA and the Mexican special police found a village that was used for this activity. There was blood all over, and the killer was found and killed at the site.

4)      The hills have eyes

This is based on the Sawney Bean story. Sawney left his home with his wife during the 15th and 16th Century. In Scotland, he went to live in the caves with his wife where he got 14 children. The family started cannibalizing people. Body parts could be found floating in the water down at the coast. The family soon became a clan since they got more children through incest. At the time they were brought to justice, they had already grown to 48 in number. They are said to have cannibalized over 1,000 people.

5)      Jaws

This move is not based on the global assumption that sharks are voracious predators that will eat a man, but on an event that took place in New Jersey in 1916. A group of sharks killed 4 people on the beaches and this caused a national panic. Seaside communities completely abandoned going out into the water for a swim in fear of getting attacked by the sharks.

6)      The girl next door

This is the story that shook a community. Sylvia Lykens was left to live with a neighbor by her travelling entertainment-industry parents. They had hoped that she would strike roots and have a stable life. However, the girl was taken to a room and locked up and brutalized by the woman. Gertrude Baniszewski, the woman given care of Sylvia brutally tortured here, and even allowed her sons to rape her. Eventually she died, three months after her parents left her.

7)      Henry, Portrait of a serial killer

Henry Lee Lucas went on to confess to 600 plus murders. Although the real number will not be known, he was taken around the country helping in the investigations into the people he is said to have killed. This is a movie about a very dark character.

8)      From Hell

This is the true account of Jack the Ripper. Other movies about the Ripper are filled with a lot of fiction. However, this movie goes through some of the cases, and lets you see just how gruesome and violent the crimes were.

9)      The conjuring

This is a story about Ed and Lorrain Warren. The couple practiced demonology and had tried helping a family that was being haunted. The director of the movie actually interviewed Lorraine before doing the movie. The Perron family also agrees that the movie depicts the real events that were going on in their home.

10)   The haunting in Connecticut

In the 1980’s, in order to get close to the University of Connecticut, where her son was bound to go for cancer treatment, the Parker family moved to Southington Connecticut. However, the house in which they went to live in was used as a funeral home in the past. They found embalming liquid in the basement of the home. Strange events began to happen in the home, and they said that they saw and heard ghosts. Later on, authorities discovered that the previous owners, who ran the funeral home practiced necrophilia. In 1988 the home was exorcised to clean it of any unhappy spirits.

11)   The exorcist

Although there are reports that this story could be about two different events, the most believable is that of Robbie Mannheim. As a 12 year old, he started noticing some paranormal activity around the home. Items would move on without being pushed and blankets would even fly. He believed that it was the ghost of his aunt and attempted to contact her. However, through the board, a spirit possessed him. Soon Robbie was showing all signs of possessions as he developed cuts and blisters and started speaking in tongues. His frightened mother took him to a mental institute in St Louis where he underwent spiritual treatment as well as physical therapy for the blisters and injuries. A group of priests was invited to exorcise the demon, and they were successful after 30 tries. Oddly enough, he went on to have a normal life and even ended up working for NASA.

These are some of the movies that have been based on real life events. You may do some research and see if these events actually did happen.

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