Most Haunted Places in America

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The most haunted places in America have drawn significant attention from tourists and locales alike. Many were even featured in television shows, magazines and have become part of the country’s history. The United States of America is home to countless haunted sites, ranging from century-old farmhouses to majestic mansions, from abandoned buildings to prisons and hospitals.

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These are some of the most haunted places in America that frequently visited by both tourists and local residents.

  • Lalaurie House

This house had become infamous due to the cruel treatment of Madam Lalaurie of her slaves. During an accidental fire, the firefighters were totally shocked after seeing dozens of naked, chained slaves in the attic. Some were locked up in dog cages and a number of the slaves had their genitals sliced off or their mouths and other body parts sewn shut. Since the discovery, the house had been a hot bed of paranormal activities which include distressing moans, light orbs, phantoms, sounds of dragging chain and apparitions of a slave girl jumping off the roof.

  • Gettysburg Battlefield

Paranormal activities are commonplace in Gettysburg Battlefield which had witnessed the tragic events during the turbulent time of the Civil War. A lot of people, including ordinary tourists, have seen the tormented spirits of the victims of war. These ghosts have taken up the form of odd-looking apparitions. Former soldiers also regularly make their appearance in the battlefield. The whole town of Gettysburg indeed offers a haunting experience like no other.

  • The Whaley House

This century-old house in San Diego was owned by the Whaley family. The family is said to still reside there even after they have long passed away. Their presence is obvious by moving the objects around the house; doors and windows opening and closing by themselves; strange mists, and sounds of chains and footsteps. Thomas Whaley had been appearing on the stairs that lead to the master’s bedroom, while his laughter and cigar smoke are felt all over the house. Her wife also haunts the place. Certainly, many believe that the Whaley’s have been graceful ghosts. However, the unfriendly ghost of Yankee Robinson also haunts the house and was said to be responsible for the extremely frightening supernatural happenings there.

  • West Virginia State Penitentiary

The Gothic structure of this prison adds to the eerie feel that people experience while visiting the place. There have been reported ghost hauntings of a former maintenance worker who was murdered in the bathroom. A prisoner named Avril Adkins was known to haunt the old prison too, as he was seen walking the place where he was hanged and died. The ghost of a physically-abusive inmate named Robert, who was beaten by prison guards and buried in one of the prison walls, also visits the place. Visitors of the place also feel the sensation of someone looking at them.


  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The gruesome past of this hospital makes it a great place for ghost haunting. Ghosts are believed to actually exist here, especially in Room 502, where two head nurses died. The first one was thought to commit suicide, while the second one jumped off the window. Ghostly voices and noises were also heard in the tunnel at the back of the hotel. This tunnel was used to transport dead patients out from the hospital.

These are but a few of the most haunted places in America.  The ghostly tales that they harbor are some of the most spine-chilling and strangest accounts ever chronicled.

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