Real life ghost stories

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Presented below are first hand stories about supernatural experiences and ghost sightings experienced by individuals across the United States.

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On Thanksgiving in 2008, this guy went to visit his uncle and aunt along with his family to Illinois. This is when her aunt recounted certain events that had occurred over the past few weeks.

She told that there used to be three knocks on the kitchen glass door, during the night. She heard those knocks on three different occasions over a period of three nights. These knocks were not random but evenly spaced. But when she went to investigate the knocks, no one was there. This happened every time she went to check the cause of the peculiar knocks. The house and the backyard were fenced, and there was a lock on the gate. So, there could not be a case of kids messing around.

She also informed that a few weeks later she was at the hospital, waiting for her husband to recuperate from surgery. She was sitting on the seventh floor and there was another woman with her. Suddenly she heard three knocks on the window. She whirled around and saw nothing. She could also see that the other lady had heard the knocks. There was no ledge beside the window, where one could stand and knock. It seemed weird to both of them. This was the story.

Five months after Thanksgiving, the aunt’s son, died in a car accident. He was in his mid thirties. This is when the guy came to know about the three knocks of death that sent a chill down his spine. He also noticed the eerie coincidence that most of his family members, his father, his older cousin, his uncle and now this cousin, had died in their thirties.


This incident occurred in Hart, Michigan. This guy was spending the night in his friend’s place. He was sleeping on the couch and his friend was sleeping nearby. He was not feeling well and had trouble sleeping. Suddenly, he woke up with a startling feeling that someone was looking at him. He looked up to see a mirror and there he saw a really horrible reflection. Standing on the stairs was a figure that did not have any physical characteristics. It was completely black and had a pillow case for a head. It body was barbarian-like, it had a humongous club in its hand and it had a long rat’s tail. Even though this guy was really scared, he walked over to his friend and tried to mutter out the words. The words were caught in his mouth due to intense fear.

Finally, he was able to wake up his friend and asked him to check the reflection in the mirror. Even his friend saw the horrible looking creature and was petrified to the core. He shouted for his mom, who came down and turned on the lights, inspite of their gestures asking her not to do so.  After they told her about the monstrous reflection in the mirror, she turned off the lights. But there was no reflection. That night, both of them had trouble sleeping.


This is an incident that took place in Warsaw, Indiana. This guy, who was in his teens, went to visit his relatives along with his family to his uncle’s house which was located deep in the woods in Warsaw. It had a really creepy feel to it. The nearest gas station was nearly ten-minute drive away. There was a lake near the house at a distance of around fifty feet.

In the evening, the adults decided to go to a restaurant. The youngsters in the family decided to stay back and play videogames. It was decided that this guy was old enough to take care of them. So they left.

After a few hours of gaming, the guy decided that he had to take a bath, as he had not taken once since arriving at the house. So he gathered his clothes and towel and went to the bathroom. Even the bathroom had a creepy feel to it. There was a window which provided a view of the lake. Outside the window was a large air conditioner. The guy waited for the water to warm up for the shower. Once it was warm enough, he entered the shower and let the warm water soothe his back and body for about ten minutes. This is when the terror started.

He had a strange sensation that someone was watching him. The window was all foggy due to the warm shower. So he cleaned it with his hands. To his horror, there was a giant of a man standing outside the window. He was seven feet tall and had really long hair. He had really long fingers, thick facial hair that nearly covered his full face, really dirty nails, big bulging reddish-brown eyes and putrid yellow colored skin.

That man detected my absolute fear and came close to the window. He then smiled to reveal his disgusting teeth. In a quick action, the boy grabbed the towel and put it over the window. He then went to check on the safety of his cousins. They were fine and he called 911.

He went back to the bathroom and removed the towel. The man was no standing near the lake shore. He saw the boy and smiled at him. After that he went into the lake and disappeared never to come back. The police could not find any trace of the man. Was that man a spirit? This is the question that haunts the boy to this day and he can vividly recall his face, even now.

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